5000 Zero & CNG


Through its prestigious collaboration with the GORE® Group and its state-of-the-art research work, Dulevo is now proud to officially present the first total-filtration street sweeper with zero emissions.

Thirty years ago, when Dulevo was taking its first steps in the world of street and industrial cleaning, its main goal was to create a sweeper with innovative technology and features, delivering to industries and local authorities a product that had incomparable qualities compared to any other type of sweeper on the market at that time: thus the mechanical-suction-filtration system was born, and patented by Dulevo.
The constant search for increasingly innovative solutions and the continuing drive for improvement, combined with insatiable curiosity: these are the ingredients that lie behind the meeting of Dulevo with the GORE® Group.
Both leading companies, both technologically in the vanguard and conscious of the need to achieve a common goal: environmental protection.
After two years of intense research activities, the combination of these two technologies has revolutionised every parameter linked with the design of fine dust filtration, leading to a new standard in the industrial cleaning and urban hygiene sector.
Due to the typically industrial application that lies behind Dulevo's machines, attention to dust filtration has always been of fundamental importance in the design of new products and the constant improvement of their existing features.

The application of this innovative type of filter (available on all industrial and road models, from model 1100 to model 5000) guarantees:

  • - minimum filter maintenance. The filtering surface is, in fact, completely impenetrable to particulate matter, thereby rendering it self-cleaning even in the event of a total lack of maintenance;
  • - over 99% filtration of PM10 particulate matter. Dulevo technology perfects the already exceptional performance of its traditional filters thanks to the application of GORE® filters, reaching filtration standards for PM10, PM5, PM2.5 and PM1 hitherto considered impossible to achieve;
  • - long-lasting filtering quality over time. PTFE enables the filtering quality of the machine to be maintained absolutely intact over time, leaving the particulate matter outside of the membrane and preventing it from becoming even partially clogged over time;
  • - better standard of cleaning. This is achieved thanks to a 35% increase in the air flow of your sweeper which ensures improved suction of particulate matter and light waste;

Over the years, this attention has been transformed into a passion for the study of problems linked to the elimination of suspended fine dust, becoming a veritable "culture" that has increasingly been created within the company: the so-called "culture against dust".

In step with the most advanced research developed by Dulevo over the years, and thanks to the valuable collaboration of independent research bodies and institutes, today Dulevo is the only company in the world that mounts certified fabric filters that guarantee a PM10 particulate matter filtration level of greater than 99.9%.

Not satisfied with this, however, Dulevo has gone beyond its own technological ambition to create the only mechanical sweeper in the world that runs on methane. Without modifying the sweeping capacities, Dulevo has successfully created a new sweeper that targets full respect for the environment and careful attention to the cities and their citizens.
The 5000 Zero guarantees minimum noise emissions, no emission of dust into the atmosphere, and no pollution caused by the combustion of diesel or petrol from the sweeper engine, with the absolute certainty, in just two words, of supplying local authorities with a machine that really is, for the first time, with "zero emissions".


  • • The use of Natural gas engine makes the emissions very low
  • • The use of GORE filters allows to take the fine particles off the ground and store them into the sweeper
  • • The machine is based in the MECHANICAL-SUCTION SWEEPING SYSTEM that have made the DULEVO technology famous for the outstanding cleaning result
  • • All the latest technology have been used on order to make the gas installation free from danger
  • • Thanks to the fact that the engine is latest generation the noise level is very low. This makes the machine very comfortable, not only for the driver, but for everybody around it
  • • Equipped with a IVECO engine NEF N60 ENT G F4BE0641A*G
  • • CNG powered; 7 bottles, 12 Kg each. Consumption: 11 Kg/hour
  • • Standard catalizator installed